For Lease

Internationally renowed artist Virginia Neary Carrithers is offering her artist retreat to rent in the majestic canyons of the Cordillera in Northern Patagonia, Argentina...

On the banks of the Rio Trocoman engulfed by the imposing landscape of northern Patagonia, Ginny built her studio. This enchanting 3,000 acre property where she resided for many years helped her heal and inspired her to continue painting. Now no longer able to enter the property because of health reasons and its remoteness, this rustic yet elegant home is for lease short or long term...

Take a step back in time and be inspired by experincing life completely off the grid. Horses are a way of life here and the primary means of transport. Live and cook by fires (gas stove available), hot showers by wood burners, candlelight only. Enjoy the natural world with local trekking to the high mountain lakes bordering Chile, pick up a paint brush, pen those awe inspiring thoughts, or just snuggle in with your loved ones and share this humbling opportunity...


Click to read full story on Gin Getz's blog about her time at Ginny's place in Patagonia:

"Now I’m sitting here warming up with the dogs and a mate and today’s big blue and thinking of yesterday’s heavy layered grey. Hopes of rain and sound of wind through the willows and river rushing over the rapids. Bundled under a borrowed shawl of Ginny’s, almost like having her hands wrapped around me. Encouraging me. Write, sister, write… Let’s get this story out there. So much to share!"



FEES: Please write to Virginia Neary.


Fully furnished 2 bedroom/studio, 1 bathroom home
Solar panel available
Gaucho caretaker
2 horses and tack (Reservations for horse mountain trekking with guide extra cost, depending on trip.)
Please notify us in advance along with your riding ability so we can arrange this.

Clients please communicate with for rental arrangements. There is excellent bus service to Zapala and then on to El Huecu,  where a pick up can be arranged to get to the trailhead and the horses. The bus from Zapala to El Huecu leaves daily at 13:30 (1:30pm) and arrives at 17:00 (5pm)


Photos by Golde Wallingford