"satisfied to stay simple in a peaceful presence"

Virginia Tice-Neary-Carrithers © 2015 
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President and Founder of MIP Corp.
Management Integration Process - Specializing in Cloning Expertise

Keep Your Dreams Alive, Never Give In, Never Give Up

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Walking to Temple Rock at Estancia Raquilco with my 4 year old daughter, Sky, to meet with the eagles and pray to the 7 directions. Now I have the dream to walk with Sky's son by the time he is 4 years old.

El Desafio - The Challenge

...it is not the "Product", it is the Process of Making Art,
especially with caring people, that gives me the Will to Live...


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This short film was put together from various clips filmed across the USA from 1978-1986, when raising money for the MS Society with the "Race against MS" which earned millions of dollars for research and patient care. For these efforts Virginia was given the Patient Achievement Award. The dinner alone earned $1.5 million dollars. Virginia retired in 1986, married Ashley Carrithers (for 10 years) and had daughter, Sky. Ginny now lives permanently with Sky in Patagonia.

Health update July 2011
This film captured me in the late 1970's and 1980's - from age 29 to 37. I am now 62, having lived with MS since 1976. At 27 was my first major paralysis putting me in bed 1 year and another 6 months to fully go into remission. Remission - a great trickster - how could this ever happen again? I became so well. It has happened nearly 9 more times, never as severe as the first as in the following times we have an idea of at least what it was and maybe - a medical label. yet there is no cure, nor a real answer to why and from where it comes - I have my expericed guesses - all of life is a great mystery...

I broke my back in 2009, as my balance is now so impaired - I no longer walk without a walker or someone on my side to hold on to. I no longer ride as much, but finally I can again. I type with 2 fingers and now must draw when I do, with more my left, both really. I have been blind in my right eye and they are in pain alot. I do not want to go blind which is a possibility I live with. Oh the list goes on and on and I still choose to focus on the positive. "Fake it til I make it", as it is more fun for all involved with me. An attitude of immense gratitude.

I cherish my only child, my sisters and my friends. My animal friends as well. I continue to love, live in the natural world and seek creative expression - let go of perfection - good thing ! Meditate endlessly and ready to face, sometimes reluctantly and sadly, whatever is to next confront me. Vamos a ver, we will see.


A tribute to Ginny on her 65th Birthday!

Health Update 2014

I was not certain I would make it to my 65th after 38 years of MS and countless times hospitalized for MS related emergencies...just in again in Buenos Aires, May, 2014! My mode of transportation here in Buenos Aires is by ambulance and close, short neighborhood excursions in my wheelchair with assistant pushing often both still laughing...

Volunteer with Ginny

Hands and Hearts Across the Continents.

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Hands and Hearts across the Continents. Ginny is with Tatiana who is from Miami, Israel, NY, and now back to Buenos Aires where she will live in the future. And BB who has been living in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the last few years.


2014 - Life has changed again - that we can always be sure of!

Life is always changing right down to the cellular level every moment...For those with more obvious changes and challenges it is very important we continue to love and be loved and shower our love on those along and in need Love is eternal and I truly believe now that we all are eternal...

I will continue to be an artist in no matter what form I can express it! Now I need an assistant to help me cut, tear and paste to even do these posters! We must always rise to the occasion and adapt. Evolution of my Spirit, adapt or die...same as evolution of the species, adapt or die!

I am going to be around a long time...



~ Co-Creative Companions ~

    With daughter Sky,
& my grandson

What do I mean by co-creative companions? To me, all of life is co-creative. Can we really ever take full credit? Now as my health is more challenging I need more and more help with all of life!

I have my basic needs met with respected paid employees. What I lack now are those who want to help me to continue my art, creative expression - it would be a co-creative effort with you also getting the credit and time to do your personal art.

As you can see from many photos through out, we that are working together are truly happy.







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A piece of Paradise for Lease!
Paraiso para el alguiler!
4 miles of spectacular fly-fishing river
in Patagonia.
Con kilometros de rio salvaje de la Patagonia.

Internationally recognized artist Virginia Neary Carrithers is offering her artist retreat to lease in the majestic canyons of the Cordillera in Northern Patagonia, Argentina...

rustic yet elegant home is for lease short or long term...

Click here for more information.

Polo Pony

Photo by: Eddie Thornton

See Ginny's Horse Art and the Horses of Estancia Trocoman


Read about the wonderful work of the
MS Society

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Photos by Golde Wallingford

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Ginny at home fireside

Ginny at home fireside

Making Torta Fritas

Ginny with daughter Sky

Sky Rock Cafe

Ginny and gaucho

Peace Pipe Ceremony with
Golde and Loretta